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Lyman Clair Ault

Nellie Adelphia Fuqua

  • Born: 2 Aug 1891, Lamar, Chase County, Nebraska
  • Marriage: Lyman Clair Ault on 4 Dec 1910 in Lamar, Valley Precinct, Chase County, Nebraska at the home of Samuel & Rose Fuqua, Nellie's parents
  • Died: 23 Aug 1977, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas at age 86
  • Buried: 27 Aug 1977, Athens Cemetery, Athens Township, Jewell County, Kansas

bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Census, 1900, Nebraska, Chase County, Valley Precinct, Page 135. Age 8 yrs.

Census, 1910, Nebraska, Chase County, Valley Precinct, Roll 840 Book 2, Page170b. Age 18 yrs.

Census, 1920, Nebraska, Chase County, Lamar Precinct, Cheyenne Street, Roll 983 Book 2, Page 43b. Age 27 yrs.

Diary of Nellie Ault: Covered Wagon Trip, Sepember 9-30, 1923, from Decatur, Benton County, Arkansas to Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas.

September 9, 1923 - Clair and I and our nine children left Decatur, Arkansas, to go to Ionia, Kansas. Our children are Glen (12), Sylvia (11), Goldia (9) Pearl (8), Ruby (7), Opal (4), Bill (3), Wayne (2), and the baby Clifton, who is six months old. Clair's health is not too good and we think we should be closer to his folks. We are traveling by covered wagon. Our horses are Coaly and Daisy. We are taking our two dogs, Old Joe and Fritz. Clair has extended the width of the wagon about one and one-half feet to accommodate our mattress. We will all sleep in the wagon. It will be crowded but we will get along. Our clothes, food and everything else is stored on the bed of the wagon beneath the mattress. We have the ironing board hooked to the side of the wagon. We will use the ironing board for our table when we eat. Clair has built a feed box on the back of the wagon for the horses to have a place to eat. We have brought along a lot of the fruit and vegetables that I have canned. We will get milk and bread along the way. The kids like brown sugar and bread so that will help.

What a day this has been! We had gone only two miles when old Coaly balked. She just refused to move. We had to have a man that was passing by to hook on and to pull us up the hill. Coaly was all right then the rest of the day till long toward evening and she balked again. We will just stop here for the night. Maybe by morning she will be ready to go. We are about one mile north of Maysville, Arkansas. We have decided to camp here for the night. We are on the bank of the Cow Skin River. We will do some washing in the creek. The kids have had a lot of fun today. The older ones walk some of the time. Then they would ride for a while. They are excited about the trip and already are wondering about tomorrow. So are we.

September 10, 1923 - We started out this morning and have decided we are loaded too heavy. We hired a man that was passing by to take some of our boxes to Southwest City, Missouri, and to ship them to Ionia, Kansas. We will go on into Southwest City this afternoon. Coaly balked again. She is so stubborn. We figured we must be loaded too heavy yet. When we got into Southwest City we boxed some more of our things and sent them to Ionia. We hope this will make Coaly happy and she will not balk again. This is a fine place. There is a spring close. We will stay here in the camp ground for the night.

September 11, 1923 - We had bad luck this morning before we got out of the camp ground. We ran into a limb and broke three of our wagon bows. Clair had quite a time fixing them. We started on and made eighteen miles today. We camped on the Grand River, four miles west of Grove, Oklahoma. About all of the tourists we see are covered wagons. Some going one way and some another. Water is still good. We will have to pay 25 cents to cross the bridge in the morning. The kids played along the river bank. Goldia got in the Poison Ivy. Clair saw a man on the river bank fishing. He asked him if he knew what to do for Poison Ivy. He said vanilla is the best thing you can use. "Yep, 'tis the best thing you can use." We dug the vanilla out and put some on the breaking out. It wasn't too long till the breaking out started to fade a little.

September 12, 1923 - When we got up this morning it was raining but it didn't last long. We decided to cross the river rather than pay the 25 cents. Every thing went fine till we got to the middle of the river and old Coaly balked. She just would not go. Anything Clair did would not make her go. She sure has a mind of her own. Clair waded to the other side and got a farmer that lived there to pull us on across. We unhooked our team and he hooked on to our wagon and pulled us on across. He was a real nice man and wouldn't take anything for helping us. Some of the things in the bottom of the wagon got wet, so we will have to dry them out. I believe Clair would sell Coaly cheap today. When she works, she is fine; but when she decides she doesn't want to do something she is really stubborn. We went through Fairland, Oklahoma, and camped in Miami, Oklahoma. This is a pretty town and a fair is going on. There are a lot of cars and covered wagons. We can count over one hundred wagons from here. The kids had fun watching all of the activities. The camp ground is full. We drove twenty miles today.

September 13, 1923 - We came through Commerce, Oklahoma, and got to Chetopa, Kansas today. We are camping on the Neosho River at Chetopa. It rained all forenoon, but not very hard. We came through the coal mining district today. We went twenty-three miles today. Daisy has sore shoulders tonight. Since it rained today the kids has to spend quite a lot of time in the wagon playing with the paper dolls and toys in the wagon. They are always happy at night to stop so they can play.

September 14, 1923 - It was real cool and cloudy this morning. We drove twenty-seven or twenty-eight miles today. We had gravel roads most all day. That really make a difference on how much further we go with the horses. They worked real good. We left Chetopa this morning and went through Oswego, Kansas, and Altamont, Kansas. Joe and Fritz both seem to be scared of the cars. They try to chase them. They both got hit by a car today. It didn't seem to hurt either one of them. We are camping a mile west of Altamont tonight, by a little creek. There is a good well close by. We have seen a lot of cars today.

September 15, 1923 - It is still cloudy today. But, thank goodness, we have graveled roads. We drove through Mound Valley and on to Independence. We saw a few oil wells. The kids didn't like the smell of them. Independence is a nice city. We are camping in the camp grounds tonight. It started raining about 5:00 p.m., and is still raining at bed time. We cooked our supper out side and ate in the wagon. There is a fine park here. We drove about twenty six miles today.

September 16, 1923 - It rained all night and till about noon today. We laid over today and did not try to travel. The kids all went out this afternoon and picked up rocks. They came back with their pockets full and the girls with their aprons full of pretty rocks and shells. They all wanted to take the rocks they had found. We told them they could take three rocks each. It is too bad we couldn't take them all as they had a time trying to decide which three they would keep. There are several other campers here in the camp ground tonight. We have visited with so many nice people.

September 17, 1923 - It rained all night again last night and a little today. We traveled anyway. We went through Sycamore and Neodesha, and we are camping two or three miles west of Neodesha tonight. Neodesha is a pretty town. It is on the Verdigris River. We drove about twenty-two miles today. We had graveled roads and that sure does make a difference. But the roads were awful wet. We had one big hill. We held our breath as old Coaly wasn't too sure she was going to go up the hill but the finally did.

September 18, 1923 - We had another big rain last night and the roads are awful wet. We got off the graveled roads this afternoon and they were terrible. We came through Fredonia and New Albany today. Fredonia is a big place. We came past a brick factory and a glass factory. We crossed the river again at Fredonia and we forded a creek this evening, and will have to ford another one in the morning. We are camping by a school house this evening. We are thirteen miles west of Fredonia.

September 19, 1923 - It started to rain this morning and rained till noon. The roads are so muddy we didn't try to travel today. Clair and Glen walked three and one-half miles to town to get something to eat. The other creek we were to ford raised so we couldn't cross. The law officer came through the night to awake all the campers to go to higher ground as the river was coming up more. We gathered everything together and ready to go and old Coaly balked again. One of the campers pulled his wagon to higher ground and then came back and hooked on our wagon and pulled us to higher ground. I just wish we could get another horse, but we can't.

September 20, 1923 - We started out this morning. The roads are real bad. The creek we were going to ford was so high we had to go another way. We went through Fall River and Severy today. We pulled out to the side of the road to camp. A car came by and Fritz got so excited he got too close to the car and got hit. I think he will be all right. He just can't seem to get used to the cars.

September 21, 1923 - We had better roads today, only they were hilly. We went through Climax and Eureka. We are camping in Reece tonight. Eureka is a real pretty town. People are so nice to us.

September 22, 1923 - This has been a fine day. We drove twenty-four miles today. We came through oil fields. Was real interesting. We came through Rosalia and are camping one and one-half miles from El Dorado tonight, close to Walnut Creek. We have seen a lot of cattle today.

September 23, 1923 - We came through El Dorado this morning. It is a big place. We drove twenty-two miles today. We lost Joe. Clair and Glen went back to see if they could find Old Joe. They asked around and no one had seen him. The kids are really going to miss him. Today we went through El Dorado, Ramsey, De Graff, and Burns. We are camping one-half mile north of Burns, beside the road.

September 24, 1923 - We left Burns this morning and drove to Florence and Marion. We didn't get to Marion till nearly dark. We didn't realize we were so close to the stock yard. It is a very poor place to stay as the odor is so bad. But we don't want to have to move this late in the evening.

September 25, 1923 - We left Marion about 6:00 a.m. We drove through Hillsboro. They were putting up flags, getting ready for a picnic. It has been a good day; the roads are so much better in Kansas. Also, we are real anxious to see the folks and the nights are beginning to be cooler. So we want to get there before it gets cold. We camped eight miles east of McPherson in a Dunkard (German Baptist) settlement. We drove thirty miles today.

September 26, 1923 - We started at 6:00 a.m. again this morning. We didn't stop at McPherson to buy bread. We thought we would get it at Hilton, but when we got there it was nothing but a depot and elevator. We had to drive to Lindsborg before we got any dinner. We stopped at five different houses to get bread. They all said they were out. I wonder if after seeing all of us maybe they didn't have that much bread. We finally camped at a school house. The people across the road saw us. They came over and talked to us. Then they brought us some bread, apples and some milk. They were so nice to us. They even asked us to put our horses in their barn for the night.

September 27, 1923 - We drove on to Salina. It is a big city. Got there just at noon. We continued on and lacked just two miles of getting to Bennington. We camped beside the road for the night. The kids have really been good on this trip. We are all getting anxious to get to our destination.

September 28, 1923 - We drove on to Bennington this morning. We found twelve miles of paved roads. They are really nice. It would have been great if all of the roads could have been this good. The paved roads were between Bennington and Minneapolis. We got to Minneapolis at noon. We went on through Delphos and camped a little way this side in a grove where there used to be a school house.

September 29, 1923 - We drove through Glasco, Simpson, and Asherville, and camped three miles northwest of Beloit. Clair called his folks as we came through Beloit and told them we would soon be there. Old Coaly seems to be doing real good now. I wonder if she knows we are about to the end of the trip. We have seen so much country and so many things we would not have seen. The kids have been real good, but they are beginning to get tired of going every day. It will be good to stop for a while. It rained all night. Everything in the wagon is very damp.

September 30, 1923 - The roads are really muddy this morning. The sun is out a little. We traveled till about noon and were ready to stop when we saw this line of cars coming down the road. They started stopping and it was Clair's folks and relatives and some of the neighbors from Ionia. They had baskets of food. They had a picnic lunch. My, but the food did taste good! The kids and I went to Ionia in different cars. Clair and Ed Brinkworth brought the wagon on to Ionia. They got in about midnight.

We are so happy to have a place to go and a real bed to sleep in!

Census, 1925, Kansas State Census Collection, Jewell County, Ionia Township, Image 11 of 44. Age 33 yrs., farmers wife.

Census, 1930, Kansas, Jewell County, Ionia Township, Roll 706, Book 1, Page 100a. Age 38 yrs. Age of first marriage: 19 yrs.

Census, 1940, Kansas, Jewell County, Ionia Township, Image 9 of 12. Age 47 yrs., widow.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 20 Jun 1963, Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate of Sylvan Grove and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Seay and family of Long Beach, Calif, were our visitors Sunday evening. Mrs. Seay is the former Lorraine Pate, and they are visiting her parents a few days before going on to Lamar, Mo., to see Virgil's parents. They brought Mrs. Nellie Ault to her home in Ionia, then came on up here to spend the evening. The Ault relatives had met at the Joe Pate home for a reunion Sunday.

Newspaper Article, 27 Jun 1963, Jewell County Record. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers and family of Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Callahan and family of Beloit, and Mrs. Nellie Ault were Sunday dinner guests and enjoyed a picnic supper at the Art Rooker home.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 29 Aug 1963, Jewell County, Kansas. Mrs. Nellie Ault and her daughter, Mrs. Art Rooker, were in Red Cloud Wednesday afternoon where Mrs. Ault had her check-up with the doctor there.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 31 Oct 1963, Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas. Mrs. Nellie Ault's children were home a week ago Saturday and Sunday painting her house and doing other fall work for her: Bill Ault of Hays, Clifton Ault of Colby, Wayne Ault and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ault and family of Topeka, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers and family of Clyde. On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall and family of Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate of Sylvan Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Art Rooker and Rodger, and Mrs. Bill Ault and children joined the group.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 13 Feb 1964, Jewell County, Kansas. Mrs. Nellie Ault suffered bruises in a car accident in Topeka while visiting her sons, Wayne and Raymond Ault, and their families. She came home last week.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 28 Aug 1969, Jewell County, Kansas. Ault Reunion - The Ault reunion was held at the Ionia High School building Aug. 17. Those present were Dr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Ault, Hobart, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate, Ionia; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers, Carolyn and Gerald, Concordia; Mr. and Mrs. Art Rooker, Ionia; Roger Rooker, Hutchinson; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall and Rosemary, Sterling; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ault, Terry and Loren, Hays; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ault, Topeka; Clifton Ault, Colby; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ault, Jewell; Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Ault and Claudette, Esbon; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pate, Esbon; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Diers and Paula, Hastings, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Callihan and family, Kansas City; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schnorr and Mark, Wichita; Nellie Ault, Ionia.

Newspaper Article, 17 Aug 1972, Jewell County Record. Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Nellie Ault were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall and Rosemary, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hall, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Diers and Paula, Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Rooker, Cliff Ault, Doug, David and Deanna, Mrs. Ruby Rooker and her grandson, Mark Schnorr.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 14 Sep 1972, Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas. Mrs. Nellie Ault, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate, Ruby Rooker, and Cliff Ault were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers Sept. 6 to help Mrs. Diers observe her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers, Concordia, were Sunday evening visitors of Mrs. Nellie Ault and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 21 Sep 1972, Jewell County, Kansas. Mrs. Nellie Ault and Mrs. Ruby Rooker joined other family members Saturday and assisted Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers in painting their house.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 8 Feb 1973, Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas. Mrs. Nellie Ault, Mrs. Ruby Rooker and Cliff Ault enjoyed Sunday dinner at a Glasco Cafe and Cliff went on to his work at Lawrence. Mrs, Ault and Mrs. Rooker were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers, Concordia.

Newspaper Article: Jewell County Record, 26 Apr 1973, Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ault of Topeka and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall and Rosemary Sterling spent Friday visiting their mother, Mrs. Nellie Ault, and sisters, Mrs. Ruby Rooker and Mrs. Joe Pate. Friday evening the above were joined by Cliff Ault, Lawrence, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers, Concordia, at the Mainliner in Beloit where they enjoyed a fish supper and an evening of visiting.

Obituary, Aug 1977, Ionia Township, Jewell County, Kansas.

Nellie Adelphia Fuqua was born August 2, 1891, in Chase County, Nebraska, to Samuel and Rose Fuqua, and passed away at the St. Joseph's Hospital at Concordia, Kansas, Tuesday, August 23, 1977, at the age of 86 yrs and 21 days.

On December 4, 1910, she was united in marriage to Lyman Clair Ault at the home of her parents. They commenced housekeeping near Lamar, Nebraska. To this union 10 children were born, five sons and five daughters, Glen, Sylvia, Goldie, Pearly, Ruby, Opal, Bill, Wayne, Clifton and Raymond.

In 1921 they moved to Decatur, Arkansas, where they lived for just over one year. On September 9, 1923, they left Arkansas by covered wagon for a farm four miles northeast of Ionia, Kansas, where they lived until her husband passed away, July 22, 1931. In August, 1931, she and her family moved back to Lamar, Nebraska to be near her mother and brother, Roy, and sister, Jessie, and their families. In 1933 she moved back to Ionia, Kansas, where she spent the remainder of her life until due to failing health, she entered the St. Ann's Rest Home at Concordia, Kansas.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Clair, in 1931; a son, Glen, in 1948; and two grandsons, Richard Pate in 1939 and Jerry Diers in 1940; and one step great-grandson, Mike McCammon in 1977. Also by her parents; her brother and sister; and a brother-in-law.

Nellie was a loving and devoted mother and wife. Her life was centered around her children and their families.

She leaves to mourn her death nine children and their husbands and wives; Mrs. Glen Ault, Gentry, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Noller (Sylvia), Arroyo Grande, California, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate (Goldie), Ionia, Kansas, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers (Pearl), Concordia, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Don Sutton (Ruby), Ionia, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall (Opal), Sterling, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ault, Hays, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ault, Topeka, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ault, Ionia, Kansas; and Mr. Raymond Ault of Topeka, Kansas; 28 grandchildren; 43 great-grandchildren; five step great - grandchildren and three great - great grand children. Also surviving are two sisters-in-law; two nieces; two nephews; and many friends.

Pallbearers were her grandson, Melvin Pate, LeRoy Diers, Glen Ault, Roger Rooker, Terry Ault, and Douglas Ault. Honorary pallbearers, also grandsons, were Gerald Diers, Loren Ault, David Ault, and Curtis Ault.

Funeral services were August 27, 1977 at the United Methodist Church in Ionia, Kansas, with Rev, Arnold Korb and Rev. Jim Swank officiating. Music was furnished by Dorothea Phillips, organist, and Wands Thummel singing, "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and "How Great Thou Art".

Burial was in the Athens Cemetery.

Obituary: Salina Journal, 26 Aug 1977, Salina, Saline County, Kansas.


IONIA - The funeral for Mrs. Nellie A. Ault, 86, Ionia, will be at 2 pm Saturday at the Ionia United Methodist Church, the Revs. Arnold Krob and James Swank officiating. Burial will be in the Athens cemetery, Ionia.

Mrs. Ault died Tuesday at St. Joseph's hospital, Concordia. She was born Aug. 2, 1891, in Chase County, Neb, and lived most of her life in Ionia. She was a member of the Methodist Church there.

Surviving are 4 sons, Bill, Hays; Wayne and Raymond, Topeka, and Clifton, Ionia; 5 daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Noller, Arroyo Grande, Calif.; Mrs. Goldie Pate and Mrs. Ruby Sutton, Ionia; Mrs. Pearl Diers, Concordia, and Mrs. Opal Hall, Sterling; 28 grandchildren, 43 great-grandchildren, 5 step-great-grandchildren, and 3 great great-grandchildren.

The family suggests memorials to the church. Friends may call at the Kramer funeral home, Mankato.


Nellie married Lyman Clair Ault, son of William Henry Ault and Charlotte Emeline "Lottie" Marble, on 4 Dec 1910 in Lamar, Valley Precinct, Chase County, Nebraska at the home of Samuel & Rose Fuqua, Nellie's parents. (Lyman Clair Ault was born on 28 Oct 1880 in Ionia Township, Jewell County, Kansas, died on 22 Jul 1931 in Colby, Thomas County, Kansas and was buried in Athens Cemetery, Athens Township, Jewell County, Kansas.)

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