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Susanna McHoes

Isreal Richard Lausch

  • Born: 9 Nov 1851, Pennsylvania
  • Marriage: Susanna McHoes on 17 Feb 1878 in Stephenson County, Illinios
  • Died: 24 Mar 1932, Orangeville, Stephenson County, Illinois at age 80
  • Buried: 27 Mar 1932, Orangeville Cemetery, Stephenson County, Illinois

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Census, 1870, Illinois, Stephenson County, Buckeye Township, Image 16 of 45. Age 18 yrs., day laborer.

Last Will and Testament, 1932, Stephenson County, Illinios. Last Will and Testament I, Israel R. Lausch of Orangeville in the County of Stephenson and state of Illinois being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do there fore make, ordain, publish and declare, this to be my last Will and Testament: First, I order and direct that my Executrix hereinafter named pay all my just dets and funeral expenses as soon after my decease as conveniently may be. Second, After the payment of such funeral expenses and debts, I give, devise and bequeath to my wife Susanna Lausch, all of my property, both real and personal, for her sole use, benefit and enjoyment during the remainder of her natural life. Third, After the death of my said wife, and after all her just debts and funeral expenses have been paid, I give, devise and bequeath all that remains of my estate, both real and personal, share and share alike to my children, Edith M. Goodrich and Willard J. Lausch, now residing at Ismay, Montana, Hattie M. Kittelsen, now residing at Bristow, Oklahoma, and Harry D. Lausch now residing at Rock Grove, Ill.

General History, 1980's, Stephenson County, Illinois. This is a story to by Lester Lauch: recorded and sent to Donna Goodwin who then transcribe the tape (mid 1980's). I will do my best to retype those words....

"To portray and tell something about Israel Richard Lausch and Susanna McHoes Lausch: My name is Lester Lausch and I am the oldest grandson in this area"

Susanna was a large woman that is large boned; being about five feet nine inches tall she was a little taller than Israel. Both of them always worked hard, were very frugal but lost a lot of money in the stocks and bonds in the 1929 depression. They had about three and one half acres of land and they lived in a two story house. They always had a very nice and large garden. They had a lot of chickens with very attractive breeds, like the bandies and silver laced whine dots. But all of this plus they always had a grocery cow, jersey cow, they lived very well off the small acreage. Israel did allow a very large sign; in fact it covered one end of the barn, to be painted as an advertising of Red Man Tobacco. He wasn't too happy about it, but the tobacco company evidently paid well for the attractive sign which was along the highway into Orangeville. They didn't have much of an income in cash but lived well off the land there. Israel always split and piled enough wood into great long ranks to keep them well supplied with wood throughout winter. Wood could be had in those days just for the asking. He who cuts his own wood is warmed twice.

Susanna probably weighed about one hundred and seventy five pounds. But was never really overweight. She had a dignity about herself yet very down to earth with people. Her eye sight was very good until she passed away at age 90. Even at age 80 she was using very fine thread to tat with. She did a lot of fancy crocheting and tatting during her last fifteen years or so to partly help pass the time away. She did start wearing glasses to read and tat after age 80.

Israel only weighed about 145 pounds or so but was wiry fellow. He did chew tobacco discreetly, however, but never smoked. I do not remember him wearing glasses although he may have in latter years to be able to read. He always had a mustache and nice goatee. He always looked dignified with it. He was always blessed with a lot of hair and did not have a grey hair on his head, even at his death at age 82.

On this small farmland they also had a stone quarry which produced an abundance of scrunched limestone for farmland in the area. Probably about 25 feet deep and a hole a 100 foot square. Never collected water in it as many limestone pits do in the area.

Israel had pneumonia during the spring of 1932 and died due to phlegm which filled up in his lungs. The night of his death neighbors came in and sat all night which was the custom at that time. Burial of Israel and Susanna are in Orangeville Cemetery. If anyone wishes to visit cemetery, the graves are in the older part ad they were early arrivers to this cemetery. Susanna became ill Friday and a few days later passed away due to old age.

Israel and Susanna invested in stocks and government bonds. During the depression of 1929 to 1932 the lost a great deal of money as Israel was a stockholder in the Orangeville Bank. Being a stockholder he had to put up cash to back the bank due to the depression. This took a lot of their money and the bank finally went bankrupt. Eventually Susanna got about 37% or so of the money they had in saving which was another loss to them.

Israel and Susanna never owned an automobile or a horse while in Orangeville. Their son Harrison and his family would occasionally take a drive in Harry's auto over to Davis, IL to see the McHoes. Ann McHoes who is one of their families now lives in the Luther Tower here in Rockford, IL. She and her husband are still living. She is about85 or 86 years of age and we still go to see her.

The house that they had was well built but not a luxury as there was an outside toilet and a water pump about 20 feet from the house which meant that all the water had to be carried. On the 4th of July, really July 5, at 1 am the house caught on fire. Harrison and family only lived about two city blocks away. The Burgess Battery Band was coming through Orangeville after having spent a busy day at Staver's picnic up in Wisconsin. The pump was close tot he house and they carried buckets and pumped furiously to help put out the fire, due to sawdust in the walls which Israel had put in to help insulate the house the fire burned slowly but produced a great deal of smoke. Susanna was almost overcome with smoke as she was determined to get the government bonds out of the house. Both she and Israel were very thankful to the group, this band group, who stopped to help.

They lived on a farm just 2 miles west of Rheem Corner where they first came to Orangeville. Later they moved to a farm north of Orangeville. If you stand in the cemetery at Orangeville and look northeast across the Richland Creek and meadows you can see this farm today which is about 1 mile away from this high point.

Willard, Edith and Harriet, also known as Hattie, are the children I have heard about. It seems several infants did die and their markers are at the tombstone in the cemetery. Because they are not such about these details but the cemetery lots do have several small stone markers.

We know Israel came from Reading, Pennsylvania and even after much research and even much visiting the area in 1981 there is little known about his life or the names of his parents John and Catherine Lausch.

Israel and Susanna seemed to be adventuresome people. This is an incident Susanna has told to me and the family. She and Israel were challenged to live in a cabin that appeared to be haunted. They had a dog and Israel carried a rife when he walked the land, he was to check the water trough from the mountain down into the city. (This was possibly Dayton, WA). This water trough was wooden and occasionally a bear or animal would knock down part of the water trough and Israel's job was to walk this line and check it each day. He carried his gun and also took his dog with him as he ventured this five mile trip each day and he was paid the sum of $5 per day, which probably was very good pay at that time. The haunted cabin turned out not to be haunted but eventually they found a knot in the wood which would make weird sounds due to wind blowing through it and everyone rested more peacefully.

Israel and Susanna were good grandparents. They would come to visit all day as Harrison would pick them up when he delivered milk by horse and wagon to the condensed factory in Orangeville. They would attend the United Brethren Church in Orangeville. The name Lausch had respect by the people. Longevity of life they left as an inheritance for their heirs. Susanna had 13 in her family. From what we know Willard and Harrison got into some kind of trouble which was rather serious. Whether Willard left the farm northwest of Orangeville or was asked to leave by Israel to leave is still not certain. My father Harrison explained about this during his last few weeks before his death.

After Israel's death Harrison who was also known as Harry and family moved in to help take care of Susanna. She deeded the property to my folks, Harrison and Mary Lausch, on the condition that they were to care for her until her death.

*Lester goes on to say he has one picture of Willard but he never saw him. Hattie left and married, but never had children. She did visit Orangeville several times. Susanna had many relatives-Mehoes- in the David area but Lester doesn't remember seeing or hearing anything about Israel's family...

*2/21/2000-A couple of years ago in a telephone conversation with Lester, he said that he fight between Willard and Harry was serious and Harry was badly injured by a knife would to the abdomen and he had health problems the rest of his life as a consequence.

*3/2000 Information from Jean Jordan Hattie ran off with a Rolf and this was a scandal and again this is something Lester does not wish to discuss...


Isreal married Susanna McHoes on 17 Feb 1878 in Stephenson County, Illinios. (Susanna McHoes was born on 7 Mar 1854 in Orangeville, Stephenson County, Illinois, died on 26 Jun 1944 in Orangeville, Stephenson County, Illinois and was buried in Orangeville Cemetery, Orangeville Township, Stephenson County, Illinois.)

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